90 Thousand People at Reykjavík Pride


About 90.000 people attended the Pride Parade and the out-door concert down town Reykjavík yesterday. Mr. Jón Gnarr, Mayour of Reykjavík, lead the parade dressed as middle aged woman, on a decorated small truck from the Reykjavík Road Department. Photos from the event can be found here at the website.

Mr. Gnarr was voted Mayor in city council elections in May. He is the leader of the Best Party, he formed few weeks before the elections. He is a famous TV and movie actor and comedian. The main campagin promise of the Best Party was to do "all kind of things for most people."

Miss Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Minister of education and culture, addressed the crowed at the out-door concert by Arnarhóll.

If you took photos at our event and have uploaded them on the internet, we would be happy if you send us a link so more people can share the photos.

You can see photos from Reykjavík Gay Pride here.