Pride Center Opens Saturday


The Pride service center opens Saturday 17th of July at the bookstore Ida in Laekjargata-street down town Reykjavik. The center will be open all days from 11 am to 8 pm and there you will find all you need for the event,

People who have reserved VIP passes before arrival in Reykjavik can pick their passes up at the Pride center. There you can also buy all you need for the event, T-shirts, tickets to individual events and so on.

Reykjavik Gay Pride is a not-for profit organization and the people working at the center are volunteers. All profit from sales go directly into covering cost of the pride.

At the Pride center you can also get information on everything about pride and ask for directions to interesting places for LGTB people in Reykjavík. If you want to participate in the parade on Saturday August 7th, you can do so with out registering. How ever if you want to repricent a group in the parade you need to register and can do so here at the website or at the Pride Center.

We appriciate you briniging your national flag or any simbol for the culture and history of LGTB people all around the world.

The Reykjavik Gay Pride Program Guide is out and can be picked up at the center and at hotels, bars, restaurants and many other locations in the city.

Welcome to Reykjavík Gay Pride 2010 - Be Proud.

The program of Reykjavik Gay Pride 2010