Call for Support from Budapest


Take solidarity with the 14th Budapest Pride! In the past two years the gay festival and pride march suffered atrocities. The organizers are asking for your help. How can you express your solidarity?

- Come visit Budapest! Let us be a huge crowd! Express your solidarity in person! We warmly welcome everyone at the 14th Budapest Gay Festival (a film and cultural festival) from 5 to 12 July, and especially at the Gay Pride March from 3 pm on 11th, Saturday.

- Send us a video message! Make a few seconds long video message with camera, skype, etc., which contains the phrase ‘Budapest Pride’ and says that you will be there in person or support us in spirit. We are making a similar spot with Hungarian participants; you can join this project with your video message.

Support Budapest LGBT Festival!
As we haven’t found enough sponsors, the sustainability of the festival has become endangered. We need a minimum of 10 000 Euros to organize our festival. If there are 500 people to offer 20 Euros each, we will be able to stage the festival. We are happy to receive donations of any size.

Donations are easy to send through the PayPal system on our website: